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The Most Popular Home Heating Fuel Types

Posted by Beckett Corp. on Mar 19, 2020 10:00:00 AM

As a homeowner, it's incredibly important to be informed on the type of heating system your home uses in order to keep your household safe and efficient. At the same time, understanding the other types of fuels that might be available to you and the features and benefits they might bring to your family could potentially improve your lifestyle, help you save money, or even allow you to contribute to the environment in healthier ways. No matter what your purpose might be, you'll need some resources and guidance to help with your research, and that's where Beckett comes in. In this guide, we'll give you an overview of the most popular home heating fuel types and provide further resources to help you compare and understand each of the most common residential fuel systems today.

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Alternative Heating Fuels in Development Today

Posted by Beckett Corp. on Sep 4, 2019 10:00:00 AM

The demand for alternative heating fuel options is higher today than it ever has been thanks to rising concerns about greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. As consumers have begun to ask for more environmentally-friendly heating fuels and heating companies have recognized this demand in their industry, heating and combustion scientists, researchers, and engineers have worked to develop new heating fuels with much lower negative impact on the planet. While green diesels continue to rise as an alternative fuel category with high potential for impact, other alternatives are also emerging which can convert waste back into fuel.

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What Homeowners Should Know About Electric Heat

Posted by Beckett Corp. on Jul 31, 2019 10:00:00 AM

When we talk about the different fuels that can be used to heat a home, the first energy sources to come to mind are probably the most commonly used fuels: oil, natural gas, propane, etc. However, another source of energy provides a heating alternative to liquid fuels: electricity. Electric heating systems convert electric energy into thermal heat energy to warm your space. In fact, there are a few different electric heating types to be aware of if you're considering using electricity to heat your home. In this post, we'll discus what homeowners should know about electric heat, the two main electrical heating systems, and the pros and cons of choosing this type of energy.

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What Homeowners Should Know About Heating with Propane

Posted by Beckett Corp. on Jul 3, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Choosing the right type of heating system for your home all depends on your heating needs and what's accessible to you in your area. For homeowners who are looking for the versatility of a gas product that can power multiple appliances, propane may be a beneficial option for you. Liquid propane (also known as liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG) can be widely used to both heat your home and power an array of appliances in your home, but there are some basic things you should know before making the switch to propane heat.

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What Homeowners Should Know About Natural Gas Heating

Posted by Beckett Corp. on Jun 5, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Homebuyers and homeowners across the U.S. have a variety of fuel choices available to them when it comes to heating their homes. While there are plenty of factors to consider when making that choice, being educated about the various fuel types is the best way to ensure the choice they make is the right one. One of the most common fuel types — and one of the most common choices, especially in the Northeast  is natural gas, which has been used in heating since major pipeline infrastructure was constructed starting in the 1920s and booming after WWII.

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What Homeowners Should Know About Residential Oil Heat

Posted by Beckett Corp. on May 22, 2019 10:00:00 AM

When you're looking to purchase a new home, there are plenty of factors to consider, from location to price to all the little details that will affect your lifestyle in a certain house. There's a lot of research to be done during the home buying process, and that includes looking into the type of fuel that will be used to heat your home and the implications of it.

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