BeckettLink® Connected Tank Gauge System Features

Posted by Beckett Corp. on Nov 6, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Beckett Connected Tank Gauge KitThe newest innovation in fuel tank technology from the R.W. Beckett family of companies is the BeckettLink® Connect Tank Gauge system. The system is comprised of four components that keep both the fuel dealer and the customer up to date on important tank information. These components including the tank gauge, WiFi hub, Dealer Dashboard web-based portal, and the BeckettLink® customer app. Thanks to the technology built into the BeckettLink® system, the connected tank gauge allows users to track fuel levels, schedule deliveries, and receive important fuel alerts anytime and from anywhere.

The technological features of BeckettLink® are what makes the connected tank gauge such an effective system for delivering fuel and empowering customers to better understand their fuel usage. In this post, we'll discuss the most important BeckettLink® connected tank gauge system features dealers and customers should know about as well as the data that can be accessed using the BeckettLink® app.

Innovative Features of the BeckettLink® Connected Tank Gauge System

  1. Adapters and gaskets: The tank gauge component of the system is designed to be installed into an opening on the top of either an indoor or outdoor fuel tank. The standard BeckettLink® connected tank gauge kit contains the proper adapters and gaskets necessary to install the gauge in both 2” NPT and Euro Style tanks. Competitive tank gauges in the market generally require a separate adapter to be purchased for installation on a Euro Style tank. 1 ½” and 1 ¼” NPT adapters are also available to ensure that the tank gauge can be installed on the widest variety of fuel tanks as possible.

  2. Gauge cover: Inside the tank gauge is the circuit board that controls the measurement and communication functions of the gauge. During and after installation, it's incredibly important that the circuit board stays dry from rain and moisture as well as clean of dirt and debris in order to properly perform. Therefore, the gauge kit includes a plastic gauge cover that screws into the gauge base and protects the circuit board from moisture and debris. A dessicant pack inside the cover helps keep moisture from condensing on the electronics as well.

  3. Bluetooth® technology: The system hub uses both WiFi and Bluetooth® technology to communicate with the tank gauge and send tank information to the cloud for access through the Dealer Dashboard or app on any mobile device. The hub makes it easier to pick up a WiFi signal in a central place in the home as opposed to outside or in basements, where the fuel tank is generally located. Bluetooth® allows nearby devices to form a strong wireless connection without cables. The BeckettLink® system uses Bluetooth® because testing has demonstrated a better connection range than WiFi. Additionally, Bluetooth® technology uses less power, leading to a longer battery life from the gauge despite its smaller physical battery. (An ethernet cable can be used as a backup if there is an issue with WiFi connection.)

  4. LED indicators: LED indicators on the hub assist the customer during the system setup process. When the hub is powered up, all four LEDS will be on briefly. Upon boot up, the green power LED will double flash. When the green and blue LED are on solid, setup can begin. The red LED signals when the hub is connected to WiFi.

  5. Customizable fuel alerts: Customers using the BeckettLink® system can customize automatic alerts to be sent through email and the app to notify them about important fuel conditions or system connections. Alerts can be set to warn customers of low fuel level, hub connection lost, hub connection restores, low battery level, lost signal from gauge, and low temperatures in the home (freeze alert).


Tank Readings and Data Available on the BeckettLink® App

The BeckettLink® app is a customer's on-demand connection to their fuel tank. Inside the app, the customer has access to a variety of readings and data that both help them monitor their fuel usage as well as troubleshoot their connected tank gauge system. Thanks to the system's Bluetooth® connection to the cloud, this information can be accessed at any time from a mobile device with the app installed. On the app, customers and dealers can find information including:

  • Tank level percentage
  • Usage history charts
  • Fill history
  • Battery percentage of the gauge
  • WiFi signal strength
  • Time of the last received message from the gauge
  • Inside temperature of the home*
  • Network info
  • Installation and warranty dates
  • Hardware, firmware, and serial number

The BeckettLink® connected tank gauge system provides all of these readings and data to customers on demand in order to help put them in control of their fuel usage and system performance. Thanks to the innovative features of the system, both dealers and customers alike can help ensure that dangerous and costly fuel run outs become a thing of the past.

*Inside temperatures are at the hub location

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